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Updated  9/14 Cursillo News!

We have another candidate for the Women’s Weekend! Pray, invite, and get the paperwork submitted!  The weekend is in less than 6 weeks! The ongoing list is posted on the Upcoming Weekends page.

Good Cursillo Reunion on Saturday, July 13th. A highlight (besides hearing about the Men’s Weekend) was a presentation and hands on activities of Messy Church from Grace Church, Waterford. Photos from the Reunion including Messy Church are on our Facebook page.

The rectora for the 2019 Women’s Weekend on October 25 – 27th will be Cathy Littlejohn. Her team is almost complete. The team is listed on the Upcoming Weekends page. Bring on the candidates and prayers!

The 2019 Men’s Weekend ended Sunday June 23rd. Everyone reported it was a great weekend. Thank you to everyone holding the weekend up in prayer. A video of the men’s song to the Cursillo community is posted on our Facebook page.

The Cursillo Campfire at the 151st Diocese Convention was an success.  Photos are posted on our Facebook page.

“A Celebration of Cursillo Community! May 18th  at Grace Church, Waterford” was enjoyable! Check out our Facebook page to see the photos.

The 2019 Women’s Weekend will be October 25th, 26th, and 27th.

Additional information about the weekends is on our Upcoming Weekend page






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